About being Fabulous

That’s me in all my fabulous-ness!

Do fabulous 40-something-ers blog?  They do now!

Fact is, I’ve been a writer my whole life.  It all started in kindergarten when I wrote a poem and my teacher painted a picture of purple mountains to go with it.  She patted my head and told me I’d be a writer someday and damn it I believed her! 

So thanks Mrs. Green for putting this all in motion!

From kindergarten right on up to the present day I’ve been a writer in one form or another.  Avid diarist, writer for my high school paper, stringer for a local weekly, college journalism student, Boston Globe employee, advertising copywriter, writer for a monthly paper called Free Time that’s published on the south shore of Massachusetts.  And most recently, you can hear me Thursday mornings (at 6:17 and 8:27am) on 95.9 WATD.

This blog is updated weekly, and in it you’ll find my Fabat40 Radio Features, Free Time articles, musings on life as a truly fabulous 40-something single female, lists of fabulous stuff that’s caught my attention, and other rantings. Enjoy!


6 responses to “About being Fabulous

  1. You’re as fabulous as ever..keep up the good work!!

  2. Fabulous doesn’t begin to describe it. If I had more time I would. Keep up the rants because with George Carlin gone now, somebody’s got to point out to us everything that’s messed up, along with any incidental good stuff.

  3. I just love hearing your comments on my way to work. Not only does it make me think, but laugh!! This morning I heard your story about dating a dad. My daughter is and I was looking for your posting of it. I would love for her to read it. I will keep looking for it on WATD’s website. Thank you.

  4. Jerry Anderson


    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:


    Hope you find it helpful!


  5. My idol and forever my friend! What to you so long to get this out…you have truly found your calling. This so suits every part of you and I miss you! Cheers!

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