If I Had My Way

I was watching MTV the other day and saw a video by Chrisette Michelle.  She was singing a song called “If I had my way.”  For over four minutes she went on and on about how if she had her way she’s be making love to this man of her dreams.  Really?

That sounds great and all, but if I had MY way, I’d be wanting sooo much more.

If I had my way, big really would be beautiful.  Brains would win out over beauty.  And being a curmudgeon would be considered cute.  No one would ever get picked last in gym class.  Heck, if I had my way, there wouldn’t be a gym class!

If I had my way, wine wouldn’t get you drunk, give you a headache, or make you do things you later regret.  The four basic food groups would be:  cheese, brownies, bread, and ice cream.

If I had my way… My inbox would be flooded with emails from attractive, single men.  People who said they were working from home really would work!  Vacations would be mandatory and you wouldn’t have to knock yourself out the week before you left and again once you got back!

If I had my way, teachers would make as much as doctors.  Wishing would make it so. And everyone could carry a tune. 

If I had my way, the road to heaven – not hell – would be paved with good intentions.  Everyone would follow the golden rule.  And those who live in glass houses wouldn’t throw stones.

If I had my way, I really would be right all the time.


One response to “If I Had My Way

  1. Thank gawd for women who wish for more – see more, do more, love more, hate more, be more! Isnt that where the word ‘morally’ comes from? You’re on your way, D.

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