Every body

They say you are what you eat.  But I’ve been much more inclined to believe that you are what you think.  After all, it’s my personality, witty repartee, smarts and charm that make me uniquely me.  It’s not my height, brown eyes or how well my physical body works or doesn’t work that makes me who I am.

While my body has let me down in the past, my mind has never betrayed me.  My body won’t always do what I want it to.  It gets tired, achy…and won’t behave in other ways.

For these reasons, and others, I’ve always thought of my body as just a casing of sorts for my mind and soul.  A vessel I haul around – albeit one I do like to dress up.  I never thought of it as especially awe-inspiring.  After all I lack poise and grace and I’m woefully out of shape. 

None of this mattered to me until I saw “Bodies Revealed” (which is at Foxwoods until February 2nd).

The exhibit includes 14 full-body human specimens and 200 individual organs. What I saw was incredible.  The complex web of nerves.  The tiny hair follicles in the scalp. The organs that make up the digestive tract.    

The exhibit instilled in me a new appreciation for this miraculous instrument that I’ve been living with, yet avoiding all these years.  It’s quite possible that the human body – even my own body with all its flaws – deserves as much respect as my mind, and as much reverence as my soul.

To quote the writer and philosopher John Conger whose words are displayed in the exhibit:  “Without the body, the wisdom of the larger self cannot be known.”


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  1. You are a dam good writer! Enjoyed…

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