Remembering a Life

When I was a little girl the story of my life was told on a charm bracelet.  I had a charm for being in Brownies and one for Girl Scouts.  A charm for all the states I’d visited with my grandparents.  A charm for the swim team and one for the drama club. 

Boys told the stories of their lives through their scars.  8 stitches from being bit by a snapping turtle.  A torn up ankle from riding on the handlebars of a bike.  

What’s the story of your life? How will it be told?

I’m troubled by the fact that we spend so much time worrying about how to get the most out of life that we don’t put much into it.

Instead of squeezing out every last thrill, how about sitting down and quietly connecting with someone important to you?   What about taking the time to counsel a friend, or make a new one.

How will you be remembered?  What will your legacy be? 

It won’t be the summer home on the cape or college tuition for the grand kids.  No amount of money or presents can ever be more meaningful to those you love than the time you spend with them here and now. 

Is the only time you spend with your kids a peck on the forehead as you tuck them into bed?  Instead, before they go to sleep, how about reading a story together, talking about the best and worst things that happened to each of you that day, and sharing your hopes for tomorrow?  If that’s the case, then years from now your children will tell their stories not from a charm bracelet, but in dreams and storybooks they’ll share with their own kids some day.



One response to “Remembering a Life

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I love telling stories about my grandparnts to my kids…that being said…you were in the drama club?? It’s all coming together now!

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