Worth the Splurge

When the economic downturn first hit, I put myself on a budget.  I’ve been scrimping and saving, cutting corners and going without for a year now.  But I’ve recently discovered that there are a few indulgences still worth splurging on.

Pedicures:  I almost fell backwards and cracked my head open on the bathroom floor while trying to get a foot up on the sink so I could paint my toenails.  At 44, bending over is NOT an option.  I now consider my $40 pedicure a medical necessity.  Heck, it’s cheaper than a hospital visit.

Good Pillows:  I had been sleeping on the same $7 Wal-Mart pillows for I don’t know how long.  First, one was good and plump.  Then, as time went on, I had to stack two or three of them to get the same support.  I indulged in $50 down pillows last week and I slept like a baby for the first time in months.  In fact, I was late for work!  I know, $50 bucks for a pillow seemed outrageous to me at first too – but I did get them on a ‘buy one get one free’ sale!

A Professional cut and color:  Every 4 – 6 weeks.  They say your hair is your crowning glory and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna walk around with a tarnished crown!  It’s an investment really.  The better I look, the more confident I feel.  And when I feel confident there’s nothing I can’t accomplish.

I’ve now come to think of my budgeting not so much as ‘giving up’ but as making possible the things that I want most.


3 responses to “Worth the Splurge

  1. Okay, so I’ve given this some thought… I gave up the manicures and will get a pedicure when I start wearing sandals again. I won’t give up my gym membership, which I got at a really cheap rate, anyway, so that doesn’t really count. I won’t give up my professional hair stylist because, like you, I do think that the skunk look isn’t attractive. Giving up my subscription to US Weekly isn’t an option since I live for trash tv and like to be able to know the status of my virtual families.
    I have invested in better cosmetics (okay, this saves money in the long run since I would be tempted to go for one of those walk in face lifts.)
    We have stopped our Thursday night date nights since they were beginning to cost a week’s worth of groceries, but have increased the quality of groceries we buy. (Personally, I think this is a wash.) We still have our Sat. night date nights, but those consist of a cheap meal followed by a trip to (ugh, gasp, puke…Sears, Home Depot, Jordans, where we usually buy nothing.)
    A splurge to me would be a bottle of wine over $8.00, a mani/pedi, a meal at a restaurant that requires reservations, buying a book before it goes to paperback… My needs are simple, like I am trying to make my life become!

    • How can you even FIND an $8 bottle of wine? One of my favorites if Four Vines — its only $12 bucks and I love it. A meal at a restaurant that requires a reservation is a GREAT splurge, wish I could find someone to go with me! I’m done splurging on books, I’m all about the library.

  2. You aren’t shopping in the right places if you can’t find an $8.00 bottle of wine. Although I love the library, I also love building my own and swapping w/friends. I’d try to introduce you to someone, but you already know my track record and you don’t need reservations @ Applebys (my bad…) Miss you!

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