Don’t Call Me ‘Honey’

Don’t call me honey.   I ain’t your baby.  A dear is an animal that lives in the woods.

What is it with men?  Lately, whether it’s a client on the other end of the phone, or the drycleaner around the corner, every man I come into contact with feels it’s acceptable to call me anything EXCEPT my given name.  Hell, at this rate I’d be happy to get a “ma’am.”

Sweetie.  Honey.  Baby.  Some call them “endearments.”  I think of them as “diminutives.”  Something said to make me feel smaller, less important, childlike.

I had a boyfriend in the food service industry who once called me only food-related names:  honey, sugar, sweet pea, jelly bean, muffin…you get the idea.

You don’t see men saddled with such “endearments” do you?  Every term women use to describe men seems to build them up, not make them less:  They’re a HUNK…they’re as handsome as a Greek GOD…nobody’s gonna call the guy at the gym who bench presses 260 jelly bean!

Why would any woman want to be referred to as “baby?”  I’m not a baby.  I can dress and feed and take care of myself thank you very much!  I don’t need constant attention or coddling.  You don’t need to handle me with care.

What’s wrong with a strong woman?  A woman who can take care of herself?

If anyone’s a “baby” it’s that guy at the gym when he’s caught the common cold.  Have you ever played nursemaid to a man with the sniffles?  Now that’s a herculean task!



6 responses to “Don’t Call Me ‘Honey’

  1. The food terms really made me laugh! That being said, yesterday some guy said to me “go ahead young lady” and my first thought was. “is he mocking me?” “Am I being patronized?” Because, clearly, I’m no “young lady”. AND he wasn’t an old man!

  2. Yeah, but “nobody puts baby in a corner” 🙂

  3. I think tone and the relationship of the person using a term of endearment has a lot to do with what I consider to be acceptable. I also think some people use a term of endearment when they can’t remember someone’s name.

  4. I use the terms of endearment all the time depending on the circumstance, of course. Usually is with someone that has already used it on me before. I really don’t feel smaller when someone calls me honey or dear. Although I haven’t bench pressed 260 in about 10 years now. This was interesting thanks for the laugh. Remind me not to call you anything but Debbie when you come down for xmas. LOL !!!

  5. I like being called baby. SS calls me baby and I like it.

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