Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 

 No, I’m not hopped up on espresso this morning and racing so quickly that I think we’ve actually reached 20-10…or two thousand ten…or whatever we’re gonna call it.  I just always think of fall as the beginning of a new year, don’t you?

No matter how many decades it’s been since the final school bell rang for me, I always think of fall as a time of new beginnings, rather than the beginning of the end of the year. 

The beginning of the school year always brought something new:  a new wardrobe, new teachers, new friends, and new challenges.

I find the crisp, clean autumn air invigorating. It’s a welcome change after the stifling humidity of August when everything and everybody seemed to be in slow motion. When fall comes around I want to…I don’t know … DO something.   Clean the garage. Rake some leaves.  Go apple picking.  Cook a pot roast. 

The days may be shorter, but there’s nothing better to keep you from putting on your pajamas and hiding under the covers when it turns dark at 5:30 than a new project — something to give you a reason to get through November and the New England winters that never seem to end.  So shrug off that seasonal affective disorder, pull on that ratty cardigan, and turn over a new leaf!

Get back in that old familiar rhythm.  Learn something new this fall.  Take a class … join a book group…start a wine lover’s club…take up quilting, or knitting.  Come on, you’re burning daylight!


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. No! No! No!…bring back my summer, bring back my many hours of daylight, bring back my sunshine, shorts, flip flops and days off! I will not embrace this season because I know what’s coming…nice try though..really appreciate the effort!

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