Equality in the Air

I was on a flight from Boston to LA the other day.  Everyone was getting situated when the pilot’s voice came over the speaker.  “Thank you for flying American Airlines. We are number three for take off.” 

“That doesn’t make me feel very confident,” my flying companion said. 

“Why?” I asked. 

“It’s a GIRL pilot,” she replied. 

A GIRL pilot?!  First of all I’m quite sure she was over 17 years of age, so let’s assume she was a WOMAN…and secondly, what does her gender have to do with it? 

“Well, I’d just feel better if the pilot were a man” my seat mate said. 

You could have knocked me over with her dainty handbag!  Here we were two FEMALE professionals headed to the west coast on business and my co-worker was uncomfortable that the pilot was a SHE!

In an age when women outnumber men in American colleges is there any question that there’s equality among the sexes?  That we’re equally as capable?  Apparently, the answer is still YES.

I’m appealing to all the mothers out there.  It’s your job to school your daughters – and sons.  Don’t be like me. 

Ever since the early ‘90s I’ve out-earned the men in my life.  I’ve taken equality for granted for so long that I don’t even think to tell my niece that she’s every bit as bright, strong, and valuable as her brother.  That she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up – even a pilot!


3 responses to “Equality in the Air

  1. I have friends who don’t even want to hear the weather or sports from women on the news — I chalked it up to them being fundamentalist Christians.

    But also the term “Feminist” has been vilified.


    Alrighty then, just call me a Feminist and I’ll get on with my day.

  2. I’m just enjoying trying to guess who it was you were flying with 🙂

  3. “a dainty handbag”! You crack me up. At least girls are funny….

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