I met with my financial advisor the other day.

We talked about a whole bunch of things, but surprisingly we hardly mentioned dollars and cents at all.  Instead we talked about hopes, fears, and dreams.

Money is emotional.  The decisions we make about money are emotional – even for those of us who fancy ourselves business-minded, rational people. 

I won’t deny I have my own idiosyncrasies when it comes to money.  I’ll spend $100 on my share of the dinner tab without batting an eye, but I won’t splurge on a $3.59 bag of Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano Cookies!

I guess how each of us chooses to spend – or not spend — money is a reflection of our priorities.  My sister refuses to buy my 10-year-old niece a cell phone even though all her friends have one (good for her) yet her kids are always superbly-dressed – just like she is.  I, on the other hand, won’t spend $50 for a pair of pants.  Both of us, however, are big on vacations.  And even now, when money’s a little tight, I’m still planning a trip to Italy with my mom and dad to visit my uncle for his upcoming birthday.

I’ve struggled with money my entire life.  I’ve always been afraid that I won’t have enough.  As a single woman without any kids, I know I won’t have anyone to depend on financially in my ripe old age – or more importantly when my ripe old age turns a little rotten.

It’s a balancing act I guess.  I’m still trying to get it right.  Trying to save enough to have a secure future, but not be too afraid to spend some now and actually LIVE.


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