Act Your Age?

“Grow up!”

“Act your age!”

These are admonitions we often hear parents say when their children are misbehaving.  God knows I’ve been rumored to utter these phrases myself.  But why?

What’s so great about the way us adults act?  What’s wrong with acting like a kid?

Just check out the nearest playground and you’ll see that children are creative, imaginative, and relish play.  It’s us adults who screw it up by taking soccer and hockey and even cheerleading so seriously that parents are beating each other up at their kids’ games. 

Adults are the ones who are competitive, stressed out, and notoriously over-scheduled.  We can’t even seem to go on vacation without our Blackberrys.  What’s the fun in that?

Little kids make friends much more easily than adults do.  They just go up to one another and say “hi.”  That’s it.  Simple.  Do you know how much I worry about making small talk at a business function?

Kids are open and honest with their feelings.  They’re not afraid to cry when they’re sad, or laugh when something is funny.  Children live in the moment, while adults fret about what we should have done or what we are going to do.

Little ones sleep when they’re tired…eat when they’re hungry…and seem to have boundless energy.  (Maybe there’s a lesson for us grown ups in there.)

Grow up?  Act your age?  Not me!  Maybe we should all be a little more childish.


One response to “Act Your Age?

  1. Cheerleading?? Why did you have to go there, haha

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