A GPS for your Life

My boss has one of those portable GPS thingies.  He brings it with him whenever we go on a business trip.  Regardless of the state.  No matter where we want to go, all he has to do is plug in our final destination and we get turn-by-turn directions.  Best of all, if we somehow get turned around, the GPS simply recalculates the route and puts us back on the right track. 

I need a GPS for my life!

I’ve carefully plodded out every decision I’ve ever made and still I ended up somewhere unexpected.

My fairy-tale wedding led to an uninspired marriage, then a divorce.  No problem!  My magical GPS says “turn here to find love again” and I’m on the road to romance! 

Oops!  Somehow I managed to turn 44 without having a baby.  “Right this way” says the machine.  And my fantasy GPS directs me down a road filled with love, happiness, personal fulfillment and dirty diapers.

How great would it be if there really was such a thing?  A machine that could make all our decisions for us.  Tell us who to marry, which job to take, what stocks to buy and sell.   A machine that could help us avoid heartache and bad decisions.  

Can you imagine if life was a straight line from where we started out to where we wanted to go… no bumps or detours along the way.  Just smooth sailing.  Wouldn’t life be easier if all our choices were the RIGHT ones?

Easier maybe.  But I’m beginning to think that life isn’t about the final destination – or avoiding the bumps in the road.  It’s about navigating your own course.


2 responses to “A GPS for your Life

  1. I think you’re doing great with the on-board GPS you came equipped with from the factory. Think of all the experiences and friendships from which an add-on model would have steered you away.

    Great piece. Maybe it’s time to bundle them all up in one volume? Need an editor?

  2. And just when you think you’ve got the road figured out …whoops, a bend in the road leads to a Y intersection….leads to a detour. Enjoy the scenery and the trip with surprises everywhere. Nothing you can’t handle.

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