Who Am I?

We are exactly what others define us to be.  Their perception IS our reality.  Don’t think for a moment this isn’t true.

At my most vulnerable, I believe every criticism ever leveled against me:  I’m loud, aggressive, cheap, and impatient.  On those days when I’m on top of my game, however, I think I’m not that bad looking, I’m funny, and maybe my unique set of flaws isn’t necessarily that more egregious than anyone else’s.

I know we’d all like to believe that what others think simply doesn’t matter.  But, the fact is, it does.

At my old job I wasn’t really considered creative.  I was told this over and over again in every performance review.  “You’re a work horse,” they said.  I was called “detail-oriented.”  But I just wasn’t considered creative.  Now, at my latest place of employment, I’m the “go to kid” for all things creative.  They want me to come up with snazzy marketing ideas.  Me?  After being told for 9 solid years that I wasn’t creative, I find it daunting when my new boss tells me that I’m the most creative person in our office.  What’s changed?  Certainly not me.  Just other people’s perceptions of who I am.

The girls in the office think I’m outgoing.  To them my weekly dates and the occasional road trip constitute a full social calendar! They’d be surprised to know that I prefer weekends on the couch with my remote control and a full fridge!

When you look in the mirror what do you see?  A reflection of your own reality or someone else’s?


2 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. When I see you I see a fun, energetic, interesting person who is full of life! Now don’t disappoint me…

  2. WAIT… hold it… you AREN’T the creative one? Uhoh……


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