If a compromise is two people in a relationship each giving up a little something, then what’s the opposite of compromise?

What’s it called when two people in a relationship each feel like they’ve got the better deal?  Because that’s what it’s like with me and David.

I’m sure that I’ve got the better end of the stick because David is the most easy-going, patient and sweetest man I’ve ever met. He truly cares about my happiness.  His regular acts of kindness come easy to him; and he seeks nothing in return.  Yet to me each little courtesy is like a precious gift.  (And did I mention that he’s a terrific cook?)

For his part, David gets me – in all my fabulousness! (Some bargain, huh?)   He says he enjoys spending time with me and just talking – not that he ever gets a word in edgewise!  But he does seem to laugh at my stories and I’m not a half bad Scrabble and Cribbage partner.  I know he likes having me to share each and every day with.

I remember reading this book once on the art of negotiation – the goal, it said, was for each party to feel like they got what they needed.  The book discussed compromise in terms of what each side got, rather than what each side gave up.

So… maybe a girl who’s given up cooking isn’t exactly what David dreamed of.  And maybe his overnight work schedule isn’t what I envisioned in a perfect mate.  But when he takes me in his arms and tells me he loves me, it seems like I’m not giving up anything at all.


One response to “Compromise?

  1. Hey Cheetah.

    The last two posts are about your relationship. I’m so happy for the both of you and totally get what you’re saying about compromise. BTW-Am I ever gonna get to meet him? At least sometime before the day of your wedding?


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