Big Night Out

My birthday’s coming up and my girlfriends want to take me out for a big night on the town. 

A night on the town! Who are they kidding?  I’m turning 44. For me a night on the town ends at 10pm.  It’s not that I need to be home in time to see the evening news — I can’t keep my eyes open that long — I just don’t see the need to be awake when tomorrow rears it’s ugly head!

I’d like to blame it on my rapidly increasing age, but sadly that’s not the case.  I’ve never been one to “party like its 1999.”  (Not even when it was 1999!) 

Just give me a few martinis at the Roo Bar, or a glass of wine and appetizers at Embers in Marshfield and I’m happy to call it a night.

Friends used to call me an “old soul,” now they just call me “old.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stick in the mud; I love to go out.  But these days I just prefer to start my adventures a little earlier in the day.

Instead of going out to dinner, what’s wrong with a nice brunch?  I’ve never been to the Daniel Webster Inn.  After that, maybe a walk along the Cape Cod Canal

I still like to get my heart pumping every once in a while, and there’s nothing better for that than a bike ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  (Okay, well maybe I can think of ONE thing that’s better for getting your heart pumping, but never on a full stomach!  My gastrointestinal tract isn’t what it used to be!)

As I get older, I tend to appreciate other things that have been around for a long time:  The Cape Cod Cinema in Dennis, The Museum of Fine Arts, and Boston’s Swan Boats

In fact, come to think of it, an afternoon in Boston would be a perfect way to celebrate my birthday.  Tea at the Ritz (not that they call it the Ritz anymore) … a walk around Newbury Street … window shopping in stores that are too rich for my blood.  I enjoy a stroll through the Bay Back.  Peeking in the brownstones …looking for the purple panes of glass.  (Is it true what they say?  That the purple glass in Beacon Hill’s luxury homes are original glass?)

“Older is better” I tell myself.  I prefer old vine Zinfandels to cabernets.  I listen to the “oldies” station on the radio (just like my dad).  And a man going grey at the temples with old money makes my heart beat a little faster.

Before you think I have one foot in the grave (like that rich man with the old money – and hopefully a teeny little heart condition), let me just tell you that sometimes I still like to walk on the wild side….try a little something new.  I had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant called Tangierino in Charlestown last month.  And I’m eager to try the Ethiopian food at Asmara in Cambridge.  So what if dinner starts at 5:30 – it’s easier to get a table that way!

I don’t like the din of restaurants when they get too crowded anyway.  I can barely hear the person sitting across the table from me.  And after all isn’t that what it’s all about?  Isn’t getting together – whether to celebrate my birthday or just another weekend – about connecting with other people?  It’s not about being seen at the trendiest restaurant.  It’s not about the wine – or even the food.  It’s just about having a good time.

I guess my big night out will likely consist of dinner in!


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