Personally Speaking

Sure technology is great when it saves time…when it makes us more efficient. But how many times has Map Quest steered you wrong?  Isn’t it just easier to call for directions, have an actual human alert you to the latest road construction, and give you a tip about the best place to park?

 I prefer the personal touch.  Remember that?  Real human interaction.

 I went to a local garage to get my car inspected.  I pulled up, walked into the office and was greeted by…absolutely no one!  There was another customer sitting there but no garage attendant.  After a while, the near-mute customer instructed me that the correct procedure was to return to my vehicle, sit in my car, and wait until a garage employee waved me in.  Talk about a lack of personal interaction!

I did as I was told.  But before the second song on my Livingston Taylor CD was over, I decided that I was burning gas for no good reason and didn’t need to stand for this.  I got on my cell phone and called my dealership who assured me that as long as I arrived by 4pm they’d be happy to do the inspection.  Not only did they perform the inspection right away, but they even washed my car!

You probably guessed by now that I’m the type of person who will drive miles out of her way for a full-service gas station.  And that I don’t have any patience for those silly self-check out lines at the grocery store either. 

My 30-something friends think I’m old-fashioned, but when did service go out of style?  When did having an actual conversation with your customer become bad business?  Personally speaking, I want the personal touch.


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