Ahhh, Summer!

While summer is still a promise, and the weather is warm rather than muggy, and I’m not running the air conditioner all day and complaining about the electric bill, I thought I’d share all my favorite things about this — the most cherished of all seasons.

In summer you can eat ice cream every day and no one says a word.  In fact, when it’s really hot out, ice cream is almost medicinal.  Nothing’s better for cooling you down than a double scoop of watermelon sherbet.

Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt are the uniform of choice in my office.  In fact, because the traffic on route 3 South can be such a bear on Friday afternoons with folks heading to the Cape, we actually close a few hours early each week.

Downtown Plymouth comes back to life…there are free outdoor concerts…oh, and did I mention the ice cream?

In summer everyone seems happier, kids are homework-free.  It’s the only time I see my neighbors – and everyone’s content to hang out on the front lawn and catch up after a long, cold winter.

The sun sets late into the night.  I can sleep with the windows open, and awaken to the sound of birds chirping.  There’s a scent of roses, smoke from a backyard barbeque, and freshly mowed grass in the air.

In summer I get to feel the sand between my toes again and relax to the sound of waves as they lap against the shore.  Even screaming kids on the beach don’t seem to bother me.  Men much too young for me in board shorts and tattoos walk around shirtless exposing a chest perfected at the gym all winter.

In summer everyone’s too hot to eat, much less cook.  A salad is a perfectly acceptable dinner and the tomatoes are red, ripe, and plentiful.

With the exception of Christmas, all of the best holidays take place in summer:  Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day. 

Enjoy it now folks…Halloween will be here before you know it!


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