10 Rules for Easy Living

Life is easy.  Being disorganized is hard.  Here are my 10 Rules for Easy Living


  1. Clean as you go – in the kitchen, and throughout the house.  I never spend a lot of time cleaning because my house is always clutter-free.
  2. Have a Place for Everything and Put Everything in its Place.  I never lose my keys because they’re always in a bowl by the front door. 
  3. Never touch a piece of paper more than once.  Read it, act on it, move on!  That goes for personal mail as well as E-mails. 
  4. Replace everything before you need to – gas, milk, lightbulbs.  When you’ve used up 75% of anything, that’s the time to buy more.
  5. Make a List, Check it Twice.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop, take a deep breath and make a list.  I make LOTS of lists.
  6. Take a Test Drive.  When going to an important appointment – like a job interview — do a dry run a few days before.  Don’t depend on Mapquest.
  7. Keep it simple.  My electronics aren’t fancy, but they get the job done.  The more bells and whistles they have, the more things can go wrong.
  8. Unplug.  I don’t need to be accessible to everyone 24/7.  You’d be surprised how other people end up figuring stuff out for themselves when you’re unreachable.
  9. Follow the Rules & Don’t Cut Corners.  Folks just end up making more work for themselves when they don’t do it right the first time.
  10. Have a Support System.  Life is easier when you have friends and loved ones to share it with. 

2 responses to “10 Rules for Easy Living

  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog. I read thi post and really liked what you had to say (but really didnt feel like leaving two comments). A lot of what you said reminds me of the values i was raised on. I wish more people remembered to do things right the first time and test things out before the jump in. As per your other blog; over the past couple years i have had 3 people float in and out of my life and home and i used to cook for them all the time! i don’t like to really cook if it’s just me eating. This is how days like today happen-i’ve had sun chips, Popsicles, and a lunch-able. why cook just for me? I’ll be coming back to read more!!


  2. I would marry you right now if I was, you know…a guy and not married already! I wish my spouse would follow this list because I know I sure live this way.

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