Feeding Yourself

When I was married, I would rush home after a stressful day at work to cook my husband a nice dinner.


Did you hear what I said?  I’d cook him a nice dinner.  Of course I’d eat too.  But I cooked for him.


In my family, cooking is how we express our love and concern for one another.  When I got a big fat raise at work, I called my parents and they invited me over for dinner.  Years ago, when I got laid off, I called to tell them my troubles – they invited me over for dinner then too.  In my family, cooking someone dinner is how we celebrate their victories…and how we console someone when they’re defeated.


Now that I live alone, I hardly ever cook.  I don’t rush home after work to cook for myself!  Instead I eat a bowl of cold cereal or have some soup out of a can. 


Maybe I need to start caring for myself as much as I do others.  Maybe I should start rushing home to cook myself a nice meal complete with all four food groups.


I don’t think my behavior’s atypical.  I think lots of us take better care of others than we do ourselves.  But that needs to stop now.  Today!


I’m not suggesting that we stop taking care of our fellow man…or stop doing unto others as we would have them do unto us…I’m just saying that we should do unto ourselves as we do unto others!  We should at least treat ourselves as well as we treat the other guy.


So do me a favor, this weekend, instead of having someone else over for dinner.  Cook a nice, healthy meal for yourself!


3 responses to “Feeding Yourself

  1. This is so true. Unfortunately I can’t cook (other than chicken nuggets and mac & cheese) so I have to hope that others love me and will make me dinner. So far so good, but heaven forbid I ever get divorced. Chris would get the kids based on the fact I can’t fix a proper meal!!

  2. Hi Deb
    so true, so true! It must be our age, because that same mantra is in my head lately. We deserve to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves kindly.
    Have a great weekend.


    Although, don’t hesitate to DO ONTO ME with some of your yummy cooking!!


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