The True Nature of Friendship

Your Facebook friends are not your friends.  They’re people you know – or more likely people you used to know.  But they’re not your friends.  Not really.  How many of them can you call in pinch or would help you move?  How many would loan you $20 bucks?


After being on Facebook for just 24 hours I had 33 friends.  One girl at work has 221 friends.  But who are these people really?  If they’re such good friends, then why aren’t we hanging out at Starbucks on Sunday afternoons?  How come they’ve never met my beau?  Can I call any of them in a crisis?  If I need a shoulder to cry on what am I supposed to do – post my problems online and wait for someone to write on my wall?  If these are really my friends then why did we loose touch in the first place? 


My TRUE friends and I have relationships that extend to the real world – offline. 


There’s Irene who I’ve known since college.  She knows all of my deepest darkest secrets and still likes me!


There’s Richard.  I’ve never met a man who was more open and vulnerable with his feelings.  We spend hours on the phone together.


There’s Lauren, who used to call me in the middle of the night when her heart got broken.  Now she lets me share in the joy of her true love.


There’s Laurie and Garry who don’t let a little thing like 90 miles come between us.


And there’s David who, despite my best efforts, remains by my side even when I try to convince him that I’m not worth it.


Real friendships like these develop over time.  After all, it takes more than just the click of a mouse to make a friend. 


One response to “The True Nature of Friendship

    Those 221 people are not my friends? SO I shouldn’t be asking all of them to borrow $20?
    DAMN- there goes my retirement plan.

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