I succumbed

I finally did it.  I succumbed to the madness. I joined Facebook.  And now my life will never be the same again.


The first day I signed on, I spent 5 hours non-stop playing Pathwords and Scramble.  And that was even before I learned you could challenge your friends.   Of course I can’t seem to ever beat any of them!  I’ve recently added WordTwist and Wordscraper to my repertoire.  My vocabulary isn’t getting any better, but I now have a nice case of carpel tunnel syndrome.


My productivity at work has taken a nosedive.  It seems like the entire office is on Facebook.  There may be very little work getting done, but at least we’ve all “friended” each other. 


When I’m not on Facebook, I’m talking about it:  how bad my game scores are, who I friended, who “friended” me, who I ignored a friend request from.  It’s become an obsession!


There are facets of Facebook, however, that I still don’t get.  What does it mean to “poke” somebody – doesn’t sound very friendly now does it? I’ve read in my notifications that I’ve been “tagged,” but I haven’t felt a thing.  (Is it better to be poked or tagged?)  I’ve received and sent sushi, but I don’t have the faintest idea of what that means – and less than an hour later I was still hungry.  It seems as though I’m part of a Boston Red Sox wave, although I can’t tell you the last time I went to an actual game and I don’t consider myself even a casual fan.


Apparently, there are still hours of unlocking the secrets of Facebook in my future.  So, until next time, that’s where you’ll find me.



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