Men, Men, Men, Men

Why is it that when two or more women get in a room, the conversation always turn to talk of men?


How to find one.  How to get rid of one.  How to get them to put the toilet seat down.


You’d think that intelligent, professional women would have something else to talk about.  Money…politics…business. Anything!  I see this phenomenon day in and day out.  I participate in it.  Regardless of what is happening in the world, or what else is on my mind, nothing gets me and my best gal pals yapping more than the subject of men.


I don’t know if we spend so much time talking about men because we’re trying to figure them out or ourselves.


Why do we want so desperately to be partnered up?  Are we more or less ourselves when we’re in a relationship?


Why do we find it so hard to end an unsatisfying relationship?  Do we value ourselves so little that we’ll settle for something “less?” 


Why do we put our happiness in someone else’s hands? 


Men don’t sit around poker tables or in locker rooms pondering these questions with their buddies.  I know this to be true, because my girlfriends and I have discussed it. 


Men don’t seem to talk about anything, least of all women.  Okay maybe they yammer on about sports but that’s not “talking.”


Maybe men don’t need to talk about us women because they don’t look to us as a reflection of themselves.  Maybe they understand just fine what makes them tick.


Wow!  Can you imagine if all the talking we women do was not because we’re more emotionally evolved, but because we actually have a lesser understanding of ourselves; and that all the yipping (as my ex-husband calls it) is an effort to delve deeper into our own psyches – a place that men already know well and understand fully?  Huh? 


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