How About a Little Effort?

I know your mother said you should never leave the house without clean underwear, but I don’t think she meant that to be the ONLY requirement! 


I was at the mall the other day  – the center of fashion…Talbots to my right, J. Jill to my left…Lucky Jeans, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s.  With all that fashion in all those windows you wouldn’t believe what I saw.  People walking around in lounge pants and t-shirts…baggy sweatpants with baseball caps – and these are the girls I’m talking about.  And what’s worse, none of them were wearing make up!


Really, people!  Can you put in just a little effort before you leave the house?  It’s true that the clothes you wear make a statement about you.  But it’s not the brand names that do the talking.  It’s how you present yourself to the world.  So what if you don’t have a boat load of money, that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about taking pride in how you look.  I agree the grocery store is not a fashion runway, but neither is it your bedroom – it’s not a place for lounge pants and a t-shirt!


I’m not a fashionista, but every time I leave the house I look like I’ve made an effort.  I have made an effort!  My clothes are neat and clean and fit me well.  I think they accentuate the parts of me I like best and hide my flaws.  I’ve learned that someone with my shape should stay away from horizontal stripes, and that turtlenecks make me look like I don’t have one at all.  I take the time to accessorize and always put on a little make up.  It’s not about dressing up for others – it’s about respecting yourself.


So yes, put on that clean underwear.  But do your mama proud and make a little extra effort before heading to the grocery store this weekend!


One response to “How About a Little Effort?

  1. Amen, sister.

    Imagine the gal who wears rollers in her hair for the wedding. She wants to look good for the reception.

    Most amazing observation of the past fifteen years is the realization that almost all clothes purchased at Nordstom’s, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Wal-Mart must still be hanging new, with tags, in the closet for I rarely see a young gal or mature woman wearing anything resembling an outfit, be it in airports, grocery stores, casinos, night clubs and universities. I don’t know about what’s worn to churches as I do not attend but it wouldn’t surprise me to see that women are wearing pajamas there, too. Another pet peeve is being subjected to seeing most everyone’s flesh and sometimes rolls of flesh, clothed or unclothed, ( as in wearing the pants so low no top is long enough to cover it all). I’m surprised clothing stores are still in business. Goodwill and Catholic Charities must be doing a landslide business these days. No offense, I like to shop there myself, especially for men’s white shirts that I can knot at my waist with a long skirt for wearing around the house. Occasionally I find a $375 toaster for $40 and then I sell it on eBay for $240. That’s cool but one can’t wear a toaster and the subject here is about putting some effort into how we look.

    I’m not certain it is the lack of effort that produces the look we are tired of. I think perhaps women have this false idea that grunge is chic. I could be wrong.

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