How Technology Changed My Life

Spring has sprung, or at least threatens to soon.  I know I should get out of the house.  But I can’t.  I’m tethered to my electronics.  I’m a prisoner of my DVR and Facebook.


Every night when I get home after work, I make myself dinner, lumber up the stairs, and turn on the TV.  I hit the My DVR button and up pops just another “to do” list. (Sigh!)  How will I ever get through three episodes of Nip / Tuck, two of The Closer, and what looks like an endless number of Two and a Half Men episodes? 


Wasn’t this supposed to make my life easier?  Wasn’t the DVR supposed to free me? Aren’t I paying $15 a month for the privilege of being able to go out and enjoy the big wide world and not worry that I’m missing another juicy exploit performed by the fabled Christian Troy? 


Sometimes I spend entire weekends watching the “boob tube” just so I can catch up on all those shows I missed during the week.  Shows that have gone unwatched because I was at work, or more often, because I fell asleep before they even started. 


I don’t know how people can complain that there’s nothing on TV these days.  Even with a relatively basic cable package, I sometimes have to go downstairs to watch a show on the “small” TV because the DVR can only record two shows at a time and there’s yet a third that I just can’t miss! 


I must admit that having the DVR has made my TV watching much more efficient now that I can just fast forward through all the commercials.  What takes other folks two hours to muddle through; I can watch in an hour and a half – sometimes less!  Good thing, considering there are currently 42 recorded shows all vying for my attention as soon as I finish this article.


When I’m not catching up on my TV shows, I’m downstairs with my laptop logged onto Facebook.  (I don’t know how others can watch TV and be on the computer at the same time.  That’s just one skill I’ve never been able to master.)


Facebook has become another obsession of mine.  I’m new to this online world so maybe the luster will wear off, but I doubt it.  Do you know how addicting Scramble and Pathwords are?  Who cares about catching up with folks from high school or my hometown?  I’m hooked on the games available through Facebook. 


I love that I can see how each of  my friends are ranked on my favorite games, yet hate that I can’t seem to beat Jodi – ever!  I love that, in the relative quiet of my apartment, I can assuage some of my loneliness by catching up on what my friends are doing, but am loathe to write my own updates.  And I enjoy that nobody expects much in the way of long-winded two way emails even when you “wall-to-wall.”  (Is wall-to-wall a verb?  Like I said a lot of this is still new to me.)


There are facets of Facebook that I’ve still yet to explore.  What does it mean to “poke” somebody – doesn’t sound very friendly now does it? I’ve read in my notifications that I’ve been “tagged,” but haven’t felt a thing.  (Is it better to be poked or tagged?)  I’ve received and sent sushi, but I don’t have the faintest idea of what that means – and less than an hour later I was still hungry.  Apparently I’m part of a Boston Red Sox wave, although I can’t tell you the last time I went to an actual game and I don’t consider myself even a casual fan.


I’m also a little unfamiliar with Facebook etiquette.  If I get a “friend request” from someone I’d rather stay at arms length from is it okay to hit the “ignore” button?  Will they be notified that I ignored them in such an active manner?  What’s appropriate to write on someone else’s wall and what’s better left for the privacy of “wall-to-wall?” 


Apparently, there are still hours of unlocking the secrets of Facebook in my future.  I just don’t know when I’ll find the time with all the TV that’s still left to watch!



2 responses to “How Technology Changed My Life

  1. I feel your pain. The coolest thing about DVR is that it gives you the ability to manipulate time. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t save you any.

    Nice post.

  2. Hey! Well, although I feel your “pain,” I have to admit that I am a reality tv whore. Okay, slash that, addict… I can’t get enough of the “Real Wives of NY,” “Biggest Loser” (which I usually watc h while eating a huge snack…) “America’s Next Top Model,” “Intervention,” “Amazing Race,” just to name a few. I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince myself and others that I was doing this because, as an educator, it was important for me to “monitor” trash tv. WRONG… I am addicted. So, any of you out there who know of a support group for reality tv addicts, contact me. Oh, I take that back, let me have my guilty pleasures. Sure beats a candy bar!

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