Dating a Dad

I’m dating a guy with kids for the very first time.  His weekends are often full of soccer games, dance practices and homework assignments.  I’ve come to learn that I’ll never be the center of his universe.  And that his take-home pay gets taken home to two addresses.


On the upside, I’ve also learned that he’s not afraid of showing affection.  And that he’s fiercely loyal to those he loves.


Never having had children of my own, dating a dad has given me the opportunity to experience a bit of the road not taken. I’ve had the chance to watch his parenting skills from a front row seat.  I’ve seen first-hand that kids are fragile — not because they’re small — but because they’re open and honest with their feelings.  I’ve learned that, surprisingly given the opportunity I can be tender and loving and nurturing myself.  I’ve learned that an open heart — like an outstretched hand — yearns for another, and when they finally do find each other they’re strong like a fist.


Dating a dad makes you think about the future. Makes you wonder if you’ll be around to see his kids’ next birthday… if you’ll all head to the beach together when the weather turns warm again…if there’ll ever be a Christmas with the four of you sitting around a tree. 


Dating a dad can be dangerous too.  It can be easy to picture yourself in their family portrait.  But who are you falling in love with really?  The guy…the family you always wanted…the person you hoped you’d become?


Romantic entanglements are tough enough, but when you’re dating a dad you’re dating his kids too.  When you’re dating a dad you have to be more careful with his family’s heart than with your own.  Tread lightly!



5 responses to “Dating a Dad

  1. Couldn’t be more true – as always- you have amazing insight… 🙂

  2. You should realize that your special,because I just don’t let every person that I’ve dated interact with my children unless I’m comfortable about them
    There is plenty of room in the inner circle for you to be with us.

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  4. Okay, David’s comments just raised him even higher in my book! awww!

    And I also agree with Mike!

  5. I too am a woman dating a man with children for the first time. It is the most fulfilling and difficult relationship I have ever been in. It is very bittersweet. I totally agree with your “family portrait” comment. It is easy to want to see yourself playing this big important role in their lives, but you have to balance that by avoiding stepping on any toes. I actually have a blog right now that is dealing with this exact topic. It is called “Just the Girlfriend” you can find it at:

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