Maybe It’s a Good Thing

I’m thinking maybe this economic meltdown we’re in is a good thing.  Now before you start pelting me with rocks and garbage hear me out.


I don’t wish hard times on anyone…and I truly have empathy for those stand-up, hard-working folks who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, but consider this:


Maybe these economic hard times are just a result of the pendulum swinging the other way.  As a country, we’ve been living far beyond our means for too long. 


We’ve become a nation of consumers.  The great American pastime is no longer baseball – its acquiring stuff!  And expensive stuff at that.


There are designer jean stores that charge $100, $200, or more for pants made out of this humble fabric.  And don’t get me started on wallets and handbags with those fancy initials on them.  Have you seen how many teenagers are walking around with Coach bags?  Where do these kids get $300 to spend on a wallet? And if they did indeed earn this money themselves, then why isn’t it sitting in a nice college fund somewhere?


I hope that as a nation this predicament we’re in teaches us something.  I hope that we revert to saving over spending.  And that bargain-shopping becomes the next “hip” thing to do. 


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having to reveal your income before buying a house.  And I wish that we all knew our FICO scores as well as we knew how many carbs are in a breakfast bagel.


If this economic mess is, as I hope, just a pendulum swing…then in time the pendulum will swing back again.  Good times will return.  We’ll live high on the hog again.  Hopefully, just not too high!



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