What Kids Know

I spent Christmas with my niece and nephew who are both under the age of 10.  And you know what I discovered?  Kids ask a heck of a lot of questions….


Why does Santa Claus come down the chimney instead of using the front door like everyone else?Why is the sky blue? Why do dogs bark? 


In my hectic, overscheduled life I don’t have time to ponder these things. I guess I’ve lost my sense of wonder.


I don’t know why Santa uses the chimney.  I’m just glad he made it again this year – and that he wrapped his own damn gifts!


I don’t know why the sky is blue, but I sure woke up happy this morning to have made it to another day. 


And I don’t know why dogs bark – but if my neighbor’s dog doesn’t put a sock in it, he may not make it to his next doggie treat!


Do all adults lose their sense of wonder?  They must not.  Because if they did who would be curious enough to explore the universe?  Who would be able to tell us that Pluto is in fact not a planet?   Who would figure out the cure for cancer…or male patterned baldness? 


I guess we could all stand to be a little more child-like. 


Little kids are open and honest with their feelings. They’re not afraid to cry when they’re sad, or laugh when something is funny. 


They sleep when they’re tired…eat when they’re hungry… and seem to have boundless energy.  (Maybe there’s a lesson for us grown ups in there.)


Little kids make friends so much more easily.  They just go up to one another and say “hi.”  That’s it.  Simple.  Do you know how much I worry over making small talk at an office Christmas party? 


As 2008 comes to an end and I think about making resolutions, being more childlike is tops on my list.  And hey, who isn’t up for naptime and being wheeled around in one of those strollers?


One response to “What Kids Know

  1. Kids do ask an awful lot of questions. And some of the hardest to answer questions too. My boys get me when they ask me to tell them what a word means. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to them in words they’ll understand. I’d have to say one of the most fun parts of being a parent though is acting childlike. I have so much fun playing in the snow or running around with them. If only they knew how great it is to be a child.

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