Fragile, Handle with Care

It’s Christmas time and every day the UPS guy drops off more boxes from Amazon,, or some other online retailer.  Many of these marked “Fragile, Handle with Care.”


Good advice.  And something I think should be marked on the foreheads of all humankind.


It never ceases to amaze me that during this time of the year — when there are carols proclaiming “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men” — that people half my age will cut someone off in the mall parking lot just to get a better spot.  That there are people sitting alone at the dinner table when their family is just a few hours away tossing back spiked egg nog and feasting on roast turkey. And that while many of us have such an overabundance of stuff, that there are children who will go without even one toy this Christmas. 


Shouldn’t we handle these people with care?  Aren’t they just as fragile as the Tiffany vase or glass bowl that you bought and shipped to relatives in Indiana?


Why don’t we do it?  This year, why don’t we ALL show goodwill toward men and women during the holidays. 


This week when you’re in the grocery store and someone is painstakingly counting out exact change – or God forbid writing a check — don’t let out a sigh.  Just take a deep breath and smile.  Pass up that primo parking space – just one time — and let someone else have it.  Offer up your place in line at the bank.  Little courtesies all…but I think you’ll find that unlike that Coach handbag or talking Elmo doll, treating your fellow man with care is the one gift that really does keep on giving.


One response to “Fragile, Handle with Care

  1. Okay, I’m willing to be nice..but only to a point..the best parking spot is still mine..mine I tell you!

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