Celebrating Life

Thanksgiving…Chanukah…Christmas…New Year’s.  The last two pages of the calendar are rife with holidays and celebrations.  My DayTimer is chock-full of dinner parties, galas, and soirees.  Everyone, it seems, is celebrating something. 


But, what about the other ten months of the year?  January is just around the corner and there’s hardly a holiday to be had.  How am I going to get through all those cold months without anything to celebrate?


What makes a celebration anyway?  Does it require roast turkey…presents …candles?  Maybe it can be just a minute we take out of our busy day to congratulate ourselves — or another — on a small victory.  Or, maybe a celebration can simply be a silent acknowledgement of what we’re thankful for. If we just reevaluate our definition of a celebration, I’m sure we can find many things to celebrate – many things to be thankful for – every single day of the year!


I can see it now.  Everyday bursting with celebrations!  A celebration when I hold my tongue at the office and don’t make that ugly comment about my co-worker.   A celebration when my pants zip up without me having to lay flat on the bed to get them to fit.  A celebration when my 7-year old nephew, who plays flag football, actually captures his opponent’s flag for the first time – albeit during the last play of the last game of the season.


I don’t need roast turkey, egg nog, presents or candles after all!  Simply stopping and acknowledging life’s little victories is all it takes to get me through to tomorrow — another day full of celebrations! 



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