The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For years I complained about living alone, now I’m not so sure.  So, last night, when I was awake again at 3am I made this pro and con list.


What’s BAD about living alone:


  • There’s no one to scratch my back – and let’s face it, you can’t get a really good scratch off the door jamb!


  • There’s no one to help me carry the groceries up the stairs.  And once I finally unload the groceries, there’s no one to open the pickle jar.  Do you know how many times I’ve spilt pickle juice on a perfectly good shirt?


  • And speaking of food and groceries…there’s no one to eat dinner with.  I spend W-A-Y too many nights eating alone in front of the TV.


  • There’s no one to wake up to in the morning – or share my day with. 

What’s GOOD about living alone:


  • Everything is always exactly where I left it.


  • I get the whole bed to myself, I can sleep with the window cracked open – even in December — and no one complains if I want six pillows on the bed!


  • If I take home half a piece of chocolate cake from having dinner out, it’s still there waiting for me the next day.


  • No one complains if I eat crackers in bed.


  • I can read in bed or watch TV without feeling guilty that I’m keeping someone else awake.


  • I don’t have to fight over the remote control.


Control.  I guess that’s really what it’s about.  Living alone allows me complete control over my existence.  But what’s the sense of being fabulous if you can’t share it with someone else?


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