Falling in Love

A friend called me the other night to tell me that she had fallen in love.


She FELL in love.  Is that how it happens?  You just STUMBLE into it?  Tripping along.  Two hearts colliding.  Almost like a traffic accident?  What a mess.  Sounds dangerous.


It scares me too…the thought that love is accidental, unplanned, uncontrolable.  I prefer to think of love as a choice we make.  A decision.  At best, a logical, rational decision whereby we evaluate the pro’s and con’s of our “target” and decide if that warm, fuzzy feeling is love or just “being used to” each other.


My friend disagrees.  Strongly disagrees!   She says I should throw out my pro and con list.  She says that logic has nothing to do with love.  She says that love has a mind of its own.  It’s unpredictable.  She says it caught her by surprise.  She describes herself as being head over heels in love!   HEAD over heels?  Is that any way to get around?  Head over HEELS!


If love is just a feeling that comes upon us — like a bluebird resting on our shoulder — then can’t it just as easily leave us at any time?  Now that’s a scary thought.  Love is so rare, I can’t imagine losing it after taking a lifetime to FIND it.   


So when love does come into your life – whether it’s a feeling that worms its way into your heart, or a choice you make — hold on tight and never let it go.  Hold on like your life depends on it…because it does.



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