Shopping Around

Bread, flour, eggs, milk, a 401K program, a sense of humor, nice eyes.


If I can just go to the grocery store with a shopping list and pick up anything I want at any time of day – from something as simple as Wonder Bread, to something as exotic as Star Fruit  – then why can’t I just as easily pick up a GUY at the market?


I mean there’s gotta be thousands of men on the south shore.  Where are they hiding? 


In this culture of abundance why are MEN so scarce?


Have you been to the grocery store lately?  How many different types of olives, and cheeses, and even apples do we really need?  


And coffee – coffee!  Latte…Cappuccino…espresso…Americano – just give me a cup of Joe!  


And if we ever do scare up a date, getting dressed for it is no picnic.  Have you been to the mall?  Our choice of jeans alone is overwhelming…boot cut, straight cut, wide leg, low rise. 


There’s an overabundance of everything — except MEN.


Let’s face it… I don’t know anyone who needs a flat screen television in every room of their house, but I know a ton of women in need of one great guy.


Remember when dating gurus used to send us to the grocery store to pick up men along with our salad greens?  I think the idea was that we were supposed to grab a cart and just wander aimlessly through the aisles ….V8 juice (got it)….Pepperidge farm cookies (check)…chicken breasts (yup)…Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome … Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome – pick up in aisle 9!  If I saw an unmarried tall, dark and handsome guy in the grocery store today I’d hog tie him with butcher twine and head right through the checkout!



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