A Change of Heart

While riding the subway the other day, I overheard this guy tell his friend that he’d had a “change of heart” about something.


A change of heart?  Really?  Is it that easy?  Can you just CHANGE your heart?  Erase past hurts? 


Personally, I’ve always been one to wear my heart on my SLEEVE.  I lay myself bare too easily.  “Tip my hand,” as it were.  I’m quick to say “I love you.”  And SLOW to wish I hadn’t.


But I didn’t know there was any other way to be.  I didn’t know I could just CHANGE my heart.


I’ll let you in on a little secret, in addition to being vulnerable, I’m also a little naïve.  I’ll believe anything you tell me, regardless of how far fetched it may seem.  I wouldn’t lie to YOU, and find it hard to believe that anyone would lie to ME.


Twice – at two different places of employment – I’ve been “collateral damage” in a love triangle.  Each time my boss was dipping his pen in the company ink, shall we say, and not everyone involved was single.  Let me clarify:  I was NOT one of the players – more of a “spectator” of sorts.  Still, it can wreak havoc on the work environment, and on everyone’s emotions. Plenty of us got swept up in the maelstrom.  You’d think that by the second time around I would have caught on.  But BOTH times I was the last one in the office to read the writing on the cubicle wall.


I’m not sure if I’ve been hurt by love more than MOST – but it’s been more than enough for ME.


Still, if I COULD just change my heart, I’m not so sure I would.


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