Traveling Solo

“Leave Me Alone!”  That’s my credo when it comes to vacations.


Sure I enjoy a family reunion as much as the next guy.  But whether it be a cruise to the Bahamas, a week on Cape Cod, or a weekend in New York City – for a true vacation, I’d simply rather go alone. 


When I took a cruise to the Bahamas, I didn’t go to the fancy Captain’s Dinner.  I didn’t even take an excursion.  I just sat on a deck chair and read.  When I found myself craving the company of others, I ventured to the casino.


God knows my honeymoon would have been better had I gone alone!


When I rented a cottage on Cape Cod, I’d get up every morning, forgo a shower, and drag my chair to the beach.  I got there early — before the families, before the body surfing and sand castle construction.  I journaled and read in the quiet – and relative cool — of the morning.  Afternoons I took a bike ride, then napped.  Evenings were for drinks and dinner out.


Unaccompanied trips to New York City are just as welcome.  It’s easy to get cheap theatre tickets for one.  And I can go to the museum and enjoy all the modern art I want without listening to my companion complain “I don’t get it!”


While on a tour of Italy, I spent an entire rainy day in bed.  Granted I left the hotel between storms to enjoy some of the best pizza I’d ever had, but I didn’t feel guilty lounging in my super luxurious bed with the down coverlet.  I was traveling solo.  I didn’t have anyone to please but myself. 


You can tempt me with romantic trips to Greece, but I still say:  One is NOT the loneliest number!


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