What’s so Great about Paris Anyway…or What’s Paris got that we ain’t got?

I went to Paris last month.  I’d never been, and wanted to see the sights. When we arrived at our hotel, I went straight up to the room, pulled open the curtain and what did I see?  The Statue of Liberty!  I ain’t kidding!


There, at Pont Grenelle was a 37’ replica of Lady Liberty.  Here I’d come all this way, flew overnight – in a middle seat no less — got frisked by airport security, waited over an hour for a transfer to our hotel, and the first sight I see in the City of Lights is the Statue of Liberty! 


Undaunted, I ventured out.  It was past noon local time and I was starving!  The first thing on my agenda was lunch!


There didn’t seem to be any restaurants nearby — just a few stands selling hot dogs.  I was sure that if I kept walking sooner or later I’d find one of those much-talked-about-French bistros.  I walked…and walked…and walked.  And sure enough I did find a French Bistro.  It served all types of things I couldn’t pronounce and was afraid to try.  Worse than that, nothing was less then 26 euro – about $39 bucks.  For lunch?  I don’t care if it is Paris!


 I walked a little further, and just when I thought my feet couldn’t go another step I came upon another café.  I was determined that this would be my first French meal, regardless of the cost.  I glanced at the menu posted outside.  The prices were reasonable – about 15 euro for a main dish.  Then I scanned the offerings….pizza, pasta Bolognese…my first meal was going to be at an Italian restaurant! 


Eventually I did see all the sights:  The Mona Lisa, the palace at Versailles, Monet’s Gardens.  It was beautiful.  But I gotta say, it’s a heck of a lot easier to just go to the Au bon Pain on Rte. 139, where a buck is still worth a buck.



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