What Comes After “I Do”

I caught the tail end of the movie “Lover Come Back” with Rock Hudson and Doris Day on TV the other night.  I remember watching those kitchy romantic comedies on Channel 56 as a kid.  They’re all the same:  girl meets boy, girl falls in love, girl tries to catch boy…they get married.  The End.  Fade to black.  I never thought about what happens next in the story.  What comes AFTER “I Do.”


It was the same in my own life.  I expended a lot of energy in my 20’s trying to find a guy to marry.  And while I wasn’t the kind of girl who spent her whole life dreaming about the wedding gown and daddy walking her down the aisle, I still worried if I’d ever make that special trip. 


I finally said “I Do” at age 29.  I was married for 5 years, and have now been divorced for nine.  Nearly 1/3 of my life has been about what came after “I Do.”


The honeymoon, the marriage, the end of the marriage.  Buying a home on my own.  Building a new life.  Dating in my forties. 


It’s certainly not a movie I’m familiar with.  I’m writing a new script.  I don’t know exactly how this one turns out, but I believe it will have a happy ending. 


And while I still hope I’ll travel down the aisle again someday, I don’t worry about “when” or “if” it’s going to happen.  I no longer have that sense of urgency and desperation.  It may not make for much of a romantic comedy, but it makes for a terrific REAL life.


Late at night when I can’t sleep I still enjoy those old movies.  But now, it’s the stuff that comes AFTER “I Do” that fills my dreams.




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