Fabulous Stuff (Resurrected)


1.  Clean Water.  E Coli bacteria was found in the Pembroke town water supply about a week and a half ago.  Since then we’ve been under a “boil water order.”  My clothes hamper is over-flowing.  There are dirty dishes in the dishwasher, sink, and hiding in the oven.  And it freaks me out to take a shower!  You never know how much you depend on something until its taken away from you.

2.  The Support of Friends and Family.  Especially my boss, Tom, who listens to my features on 95.9 WATD every Thursday morning — even when he’s out of town on business!

3.  The Spiced Mexican Chocolate Torte with Avocado Creme and Candied Pepitas at Chez Henri in Cambridge.  Trust me, this is the best $8 you’ll ever spend!

4.  Getting Cards and Letters from My Mother-in-Law.  Okay, so technically she’s my “ex” Mother-in-law, but you’ll never hear me refer to her as that.

5.  Those green “canvas” shopping/tote bags from Stop & Shop.  Finally, I can carry milk,orange juice, AND toilet paper up the stairs to my apartment at the same time!  (And they’re only 50 cents each when you use your Stop & Shop card!)


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