It’s 3:00 a.m.

Here’s what’s been keeping me up at night lately:

1.  Synthetic oil.  Should I switch from regular to a synthetic blend when I get the oil in my car changed?  It costs $30 more each time (and there’s no going back) but I’d get 5,000 miles between oil changes, rather than 3,000.  Is this a bargain?  I can’t do the math.

2.  Paris.  Can I really get 5 days of fabulous clothes in two carry-ons?  Will taking only carry-on’s really save me any time/energy/stress?  And what am I going to wear anyway?

3.  The Weather.  Can I really switch over my closet to spring and pack away those winter clothes and boots.  It’s nearly 80 degrees today!  On the other hand, this IS New England.

4.  My Hair.  Should I continue to trek 85 miles north to Manchester NH for a cut and color every 6 weeks — especially with gas prices being what they are?  And who locally will give me the look I’ve come to love?  My first attempt at finding someone local was a bust.

5.  Food Prices.  I’ve been trying to eat healthier and with fresh ingredients.  It tastes better and its better for you.  But, damn, its more expensive.

6.  My Cell Phone.  Should I change from a NH to a Mass exchange?  There’s no real reason to do so, but I like the symbolic gesture.  My (603) cell phone number is my last tie to “the north.”  And while I’m at it should I get a plan with text messaging included?  If I do, that means another 2-year commitment to my current provider.  We won’t even talk about my desire to upgrade the actual phone!




2 responses to “It’s 3:00 a.m.

  1. Okay, I am a 3 AMer as well… what do I think of? Well, the huge taranaculas that were creeping across my bedroom ceiling have subsided since introduction to the PM meds, but that’s another story for another “night terror” blog…
    I think of… what if… what if I had chosen a different career choice, what if I decide to leave my job and become something else (like a race car driver,) what if I decide to order out for lunch instead of eating the same boring WW meal (okay, so I don’t have my niece’s imaginative brain…) Yeah, I think we should start a 3 AMer club. Get that text messaging on your cell, Deb, and text me next time you are up @ 3 AM and we can solve the “problems of the busy 3 AM brains.”

  2. Okay, if you sleep a little later, the answers are sure to come to you. And yes, of course you can fit 5 days of fashionable clothes in no stress carry-on so go back to bed.

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