More of My Favorite Things

I know its been a while, but I’ve been busy enjoying the following:

1.  Blue Moon Beer with slices of orange…yum!

2.  Flowers in my kitchen…and bedroom!  What a great way to start the day.  Especially when spring feels so delayed.

3.  Weekly Book Group by Phone with my 9 year old neice.  We’re reading “Charlotte’s Web.”  Can you believe I never read it as a child.  We have phone chats to talk about what we’ve read.  I love that she thinks its a game.  After I ask her a question, she gets so excited and asks if its her turn to ask me a question.  Are all 9 years old this adorable, or is she just playing me?

4.  “The Gilmore Girls.”  I know the target market is 14-year-old girls, but this is even better the second time around.  And the season when Luke an Lorelai are together is my all-time favorite.  How did that series end anyway?  I can’t remember.

5.  Actor David Boreanaz from “Bones.”  I have a little crush.

6.  “Bonus Dates.”  In my warped little mind, dates typically happen once a week.  So a bonus date is any time I get to see New Guy other than the standard once a week. 

7.  Cribbage.  In my humble estimation too few people know how to play.  Actually I enjoy almost all board games.  (Anyone up for teaching me how to play mah jong?)


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