Valentine’s Day and the Single Girl

     Single?  On Valentine’s Day?  There was a time when I couldn’t imagine a worse fate.  No more!  This year there won’t be any crying and gnashing of teeth.  Instead, I’m going out.  Kickin’ up my heels.  Painting the town red. 

     Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year.  For lovers, that means a full 96 hours of romantic bliss.  (At least that’s how I imagine it.)  For us singles that means 4 days of faking-happy when yet another she-wolf is anointed with a dozen long-stem red roses, suffering overly-crowded restaurants and movie theatres, and too many sappy love songs on the radio. 

     On Valentine’s Day proper I’m going to avoid the more posh dining spots.  But that doesn’t mean I want to hide out in my apartment either.  This is a time to be out and about.  Capone’s Pizzeria and Prohibition Pub on Rte 139 in Pembroke has Trivia every Thursday night from 8-10pm.  Perfect for the single gal.  This is something you can do alone… who knows, you may even meet someone else who was brave enough to venture out solo for the evening. 

     Friday I’m taking some time to ensure that I’m not in the same predicament again next year.  A quick Google search and I find that there are 8 Minute Dating events coming up in Stoughton and Bridgewater.  It’s Just Lunch can be found in Boston.  And there’s a local The Right One in Norwell (800-818-DATE). 

     Now I’m not one to drown my troubles in alcohol, but I’m headed to another bar Friday night.  British Beer Works (in Cedarville and Pembroke) are happy, busy places with lots of people.  And while there are bound to be couples here (there are couples everywhere on Valentine’s weekend) the place doesn’t scream “romantic.”  It’s a relatively singles-safe zone on what is bound to be the second busiest night of this 4-day weekend. 

     Just because I don’t have a date for this weekend doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look my best.  Actually, I’d argue that it’s even more critical to keep in top form when you’re on the prowl – I mean, happily single.   Saturday is my day of beauty.  Top to bottom.  Since I’m committed to this new positive outlook I’m going to shave my legs and everything.  

     I’ll head to Star Nails in Pembroke for a pink & white and a pedicure.  Sure there are fancier places, but Star Nails does a great job and they take walk-ins.  A full body massage, plus 20-winks later that afternoon, and I’m off to the races. 

     I find getting ready to music always puts me in the right frame of mind before going out.  I’ll start with “True Love” by Pat Benatar.  (Yes, that Pat Benatar.  True Love is a bluesy album – and nothing like the Pat Benatar you remember.)  I’ll follow that up with Lyle Lovett’s “Live in Texas” CD.  (I know.  He certainly doesn’t’ look like the kind of guy I would want to spend Valentine’s weekend with either.  But he’s got a terrific sense of humor and songs like “That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)” and “She’s No Lady” always make me smile.  Plus, how can you get ready to go out without listening to “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues” and “M-O-N-E-Y”?  

     As I’m completing the final touches, I’ll pop in “Love Me with a Feeling” from The Rose soundtrack.  (Go ahead, laugh.  But have you listened to that song in the last 20 years?  There’s nothing better to get a little head of steam behind you.  Trust me.) 

     Where am I headed?  Nowhere.  There’s a Plus One Party at my house.  This is a great way to expand your circle of friends – romantic or otherwise.  Everyone…and I mean everyone must bring a single of the opposite sex.  A single girl must bring a single guy, and vice versa.  A married couple must bring along another man and woman (preferably each single and not already in love with each other.)  I’m serving nothing but desserts and champagne – just the sweetest things in life. 

     Sunday.  I’ve almost made it through my second Valentine’s Day weekend as a “newly” single gal.  It’s been a good three days.  I went out, had some fun, got beautiful, and met some new people.  I deserve a rest after all that fun – it’s exhausting. 

     Sunday is Pajama Day.  I’ve rented some romantic comedies (nothing to illicit tears), there’s a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge, and I’m eating homemade mac and cheese for lunch (maybe dinner too). 

     I prefer the oldies but goodies when it comes to movies, like “Pillow Talk” with Doris Day and Rock Hudson and “If a Man Answers” with Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee.  But there are many more recent movies that give me a lift and restore my hope that someday too I’ll find romance.  The Perfect Man” with Chris Noth and Heather Locklear for one.  The Truth About Cats and Dogs” with Uma Thurman.  Or even “Hitch” with Will Smith. 

     Sunday night.   It’s a bubble bath with lavender suds and a trashy romance novel.  Come Monday I’m sure I’ll hear tales of how my coupled friends spent their weekend. There’ll be accounts from disappointed women whose expectations were too high.  From men who’ll complain about how their wives didn’t think that take-out Chinese was romantic enough.  Me?  I’ll be satisfied knowing that I took Valentine’s Day into my own hands this year. 

     Single?  On Valentine’s Day?  Things could be much worse!


One response to “Valentine’s Day and the Single Girl

  1. Glad to hear that you’re getting some use out of the Lyle Lovett CD! You always make me laugh Debi! Good job on the article.

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