Fabulous Stuff #5

1.  Steak Carpaccio — After years of wanting to try this dish, I finally did, with friends in Plymouth MA of all places!

2.  The DC Metro System— As easy to navigate as Boston’s T, but much cleaner!  And I actually understand and can use their farecard system without assistance!

3.  The Willard Hotel in DC — Where I am right now.  And the biggest room I’ve ever had in a metropolitan hotel — or any hotel for that matter!

4.  Selling the condo – finally!

5.  Good old-fashioned manners.

6.  The Olive Tapenade at Todd English’s restaurant “Olives” at 1600 K St NW in DC.  I know he seems affected.  I didn’t like him either until I ate at this DC joint a few years ago.  I was excited to visit again during a recent business trip.

7.  Older Gentlemen in Seersucker Suits & Bow Ties— with fond memories of Beatson Wallace, a Boston Globe columnist who always had a smile and a kind word for me.  His wife used to make his bow ties out of scrap fabric after making her own aprons.

8.  Rodeos — only if you’re there in person.


One response to “Fabulous Stuff #5

  1. I hope you took my advice and did not get a $15 Metro card and $5 worth of quarters rather than the $1.65 card you needed like I did.

    And, while I’m sure its not as good as Todd’s, Trader Joes has fabulous olive tapenade with goat cheese that I would bathe in if I could.

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