There are Places I Remember

Places I’ve been to…and those I wish I hadn’t

1.  Haleakala (Maui) vs. Oahu

2.  Stingray City (Cayman Is.) vs. Sea World

3.  The Iowa State Fair vs. The Big E (Massachusetts)

4.  Lake Tahoe vs. Paradise Island (Bahamas)

5.  Rome, Venice & Florence vs. Vienna & Salzburg

6.  Newburyport & Rockport MA vs. Gloucester MA

7.  Madison WI vs. Green Bay

8.  The Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas) vs. Harrah’s

9.  Camden Yards & Fenway Park vs. Tropicana Field

10.  Washington DC Metro vs. NYC subway

11.  Lake Dillon CO vs. Lake Winnepesauke NH

12.  San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

13.  Napa Valley vs. The Hudson River Valley

14. The Willard Hotel (DC) vs. Waldorf-Astoria (NY)


One response to “There are Places I Remember

  1. I love the Big E! I saw Journey there, and had deep fried Oreos. What more could you want?

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