S. E. X.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m in line at the local Starbucks. Over in the corner there’s a 20-something couple practically devouring each other on an over-sized, micro-suede chair.  They’re not shy at all!  Why then does it embarrass me? 


I try again and again to divert my gaze from the amorous nook while waiting an overly-long time for my whole milk grande cappuccino with one sugar. Just as the barista finally calls my name, they get up, and head separately– yet “together” — to the restroom.  Am I the only one who notices? 

Am I the only one who doesn’t think that’s sexy? 

Am I the only one who thinks that sex in restaurant bathrooms and airplane restrooms and even glass elevators is over-rated, plain uncomfortable and definitely UNsexy? 

Let me be clear.  I’m no prude. Far from it!  I’ve had my fair share of sex in unusual places and oh the stories I used to tell.  But that’s just it…now I don’t tell those stories. 

I used to brag about my exploits.  Tell them to anyone who would listen – even to those who tried not to listen.  I guess I used to think that sex was sexy.  Now I think intimacy is sexy. 

In part, my new philosophy is in reaction to what I see everyday in the media.  I’m starting to feel bombarded.  It’s just too much.  And it’s not sexy.  It’s just… sex.  Girls Gone Wild commercials.  Jessica Simpson washing a car in her daisy dukes to sell what?  Hamburgers?   

Maybe my mom was right all along.  Maybe not flaunting it is sexy.

I’ve always believed that when it came to guys.  I prefer boxers to briefs.  And to me, a guy in a suit is way sexier than one in his swim trunks. 

I think a great date is going out dancing so he can hold me close, and I can drink in his aftershave.  But you won’t find me grinding with him on dance floor (not anymore anyway). 

Why then is it so crazy to think that men might feel the same way about women?  Maybe that’s what men’s whole librarian fantasy-thing is all about.  Maybe they actually want us to keep it under wraps – keep it special…just for them.  Maybe even men prefer intimacy! 

Who would be man enough to admit that?  And what if he did?  What if lots of them did?  How would that change, well ….everything?


2 responses to “S. E. X.

  1. You nailed it. (Sorry) Sex opens the door. Intimacy gives you a key.

  2. …or Tina Fey fantasy.

    Shopping List
    ^Dance Lessons

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