Fabulous Stuff #4

1. “Do You Want to Dance” by Bette Midler

2.  Bodies the Exhibition – I can’t find anyone to go with, but I hear its totally worth it.  Would love to hear from someone who’s gone.

3.  “When Did I Stop Being 20 and Other Injustices” by Judith Viorst.  I haven’t thought about this book in years, but I found it on my bookshelf last night.  I’m going on Amazon right now to order “How Did I Get to be 40 and Other Atrocities.”

4. Erotica

5.  Book-sharing web sites.  Just learned about this phenom.  Anyone know anything about them?

6.  Swedish massages

7.  MORE Magazine


3 responses to “Fabulous Stuff #4

  1. I’ll go to the bodies exhibition with you Debbie! I hear it’s really good and I think on certain nights it’s free for students!

  2. Good stuff. Erotica only ranking number four on the list? At first I took exception that it wasn’t one or two but after some reflection, I agree. Does that mean I’m evolving or just getting tired.

  3. I went to Bodies here in Vegas. Didn’t have any expectations and walked out with a ton of knowledge. It’s amazing how the human body works! You should check it out. 🙂

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