Finding Comfort in a Mid-Life Crisis

     I recently found comfort in a mid-life crisis.  Not mine of course!  Rather in reading “A Walk on the Beach,” author Joan Anderson’s account of a year she spent alone on Cape Cod discovering her “true self.” 

     I’m undergoing my own life-renovation project.  So it was inspiring to read about someone who took an uncharted course and didn’t end up drowning in the Atlantic. 

     Anderson did have a tour guide of sorts:  Joan Erikson — wife and collaborator to famous psychoanalyst Eric Erikson.  The two Joans met fortuitously on the beach one gloomy day.

     I have no plans to bring in a professional on my own personal renovation project, but after reading this book I’m now taking every day as it comes, learning to “play,” and seeking creativity in the mundane. 

     This book is not a how-to manual.  Rather, as Anderson learned new life lessons so did I. 

     I’ll confess, at times I thought the Joans were a little too crunchy-granola.  But like any good contractor following someone else’s blueprints, you adjust the design to fit the circumstances.   I can’t wait to read Anderson’s two previous books:  “A Year by the Sea” and “An Unfinished Marriage.”  


One response to “Finding Comfort in a Mid-Life Crisis

  1. Real life is so much more interesting than what we make up. Keep it coming.

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