Dear Cupid

Valentine’s Day is to me what Christmas is to my 6 year old nephew:  A day of infinite possibilities.  Each year he climbs up on Santa’s lap at the local mall — wish list in hand — and whispers his most secret desires.  He goes to bed on Christmas Eve and truly believes he’ll get exactly what he asked for.  Then comes Christmas morning.  He bounds down the stairs full of excitement and rushes to the living room where he’s overwhelmed by all those gifts wrapped in brightly colored paper under the tree.  He rips them open so quickly and with such glee!  The joy he feels is just pouring out of him.  I swear you can see it.

I feel the same way about Valentine’s Day and Cupid.  Every year on New Year’s Eve I whisper a prayer to that chubby little cherub and tell him all the things on my wish list:  “Dear Cupid, please make him tall…and funny…and a good listener…and…and…”

I know I said last year that it would be really great if he could own at least one suite, and a pair of dress shoes, and have a 401K plan.  But I’m starting to think that’s the equivalent of a child asking Santa for a pony — or even more likely a unicorn.  So please, Cupid, just make him nice…and sweet…and someone who likes my family…and someone who thinks I’m funny rather than crazy.  Is that really so much to ask for?

Maybe Cupid hasn’t come through these past few years because I’ve lost faith.  Now, my nephew — that kid believes down deep in his heart.  When he makes his way onto Santa’s lap he knows the big guy is going to come through.  He’s sure of it.

I certainly don’t need what’s on my wish list any less than my nephew.  He truly believes he will die if he doesn’t get a new bike…or an I-Dog…or any one of a million things.  Well, I don’t think I’ll actually DIE!  Not anymore anyway.

I’ve been on my own for more than two years now and I’m doing pretty well.  But it certainly would be nice to have a man around.  Someone to do things around the house…to help with the chores.  Someone to spend time with…to stay up late nights talking to.  Someone to go shopping with…and on day trips this summer.

Maybe I ought to just ask for the unicorn!


One response to “Dear Cupid

  1. Merlino! Don’t forget, you don’t want a man who won’t try anything spicy. No one needs a side of mild!

    Watch out for those little teeth, too.

    I LOVE your blogs & miss you terribly!

    Jenny down south

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